To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question!



So here I am…a blogger. I am sure when I was a kid, many years ago, if I called someone a “blogger” I would have been looked at quite sternly by Sr  “Maria” and even more sternly by my mother when I got home and she found out.

But somehow the term “blogger” is becoming warmly endearing to me. Imagine shouting at someone “You are the greatest blogger I have ever seen”..hmmm…or ..”Your blog is amazing!”

OK, maybe endearing isn’t the term, more like nervously acceptable.

But it appears I have to “catch up” with the teaching and learning trends that I have missed out on. Ironically I have only been out of teaching for 5 years but it still appears that I am “well behind the 8th ball”…never mind, never scared to take on a challenge.

So I sit here, typing on my keyboard and then deleting the text I just typed because it wasn’t what I meant. Retyping and deleting again…is this blogging? Is this the social addiction that so many comment about? Type and delete…type and delete…type and post…YES…that’s what I meant to say! I have a blog!

Maybe my next one might be Blog 2.0…I think I am addicted!!




6 responses to “To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question!

  1. Hi Rita
    Your PLN is looking good and in response to your email, you have submitted correctly for week 4. You will be allocated 5 PLNs to add to your blogroll as part of the week 5 e-tivity.

    • fin

      Thanks Adam…how did you get into this PLN so quickly???Hmmm…seems there is so much I need to learn.
      I am working on the PLN as we go along but know there are so many tentacles to it…I hope to look back at this at the end of the unit and think “Boy, Adam was encouraging at the time!” I have taken a screen shot of it so I can compare the changes at the end, and I really hope the changes are huge.


      • Hi Rita
        I was able to locate your PLN via your submission for e-tivity 4. At this stage your PLN would not be listed on a search engine as a) you have to give permission and b) it takes some weeks for Google to pick up new websites. IN week 5, once you have been allocated your 5 PLNs, you will be able to comment on them – this will be the beginning, albeit slightly contrived, of our online CoP.
        I think it is an excellent idea that you have taken screen shots and this could even form a post on your PLN – successive screen shots showing visitor how you have developed your site.
        The changes will be huge. Look at what you have achieved in less than 4 weeks.

      • fin

        Adam, it amazes me , too, and not in an arrogant way. I realise that there are so many more things to learn but I am starting to feel “daring” with the experimentation ie changing theme to PLN, and surely that is one of the indications that I am feeling ownership for it. I am also realising that there are sites that I would refer other users to ie blogrolls, and am encouraging myself to make additions that may seem important. But as I said “one step at a time…”


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  3. Nidy Durairaj

    Hi Rita,
    You blog provides valuable and thought provoking information. Hope the best is yet to come in your blog.
    Nidy Durairaj

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