Blogg students

The learning of blogging

Blog originated from the word “weblog” or “web log”

Website means from “a site on the web”

Some differences between the two:

1. A blog usually has more information on the site than a website because it is constantly being updated and having comments posted by many people.

2. A blog is like a “news”-paper with many articles of different subject matter whereas a website is more like one article in the newspaper.

3. Readers are allowed to comment on the blog

4. Blogs are diary like in its approach with regular inputs ie posts, whereas websites are static

5. Blogs are in reversed chronological record of opinions and information (ie latest to earliest posts)

6. Bloggers often work together ie community of bloggers and sharing news and opinions about an interest whereas a website usually has one author

7. Blogs are often updated daily on the internet

8. Blogs cover a wide variety of topics and news where as a website has a specific subject


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