Natives of the Curriculum Learning Space


Curriculum “…provides a blueprint for teaching / learning for an extended period of time” (Brady, L., & Kennedy, K. 2007 pp.155).

The key for me is that our occupation of the curriculum as a teacher is over a period of time. Just as a CofP is a backwards and forwards reference point of collaboration, so too is a curriculum. It is a “gathering place” of knowledge, experiences and evaluations.

The curriculum provides the “directions” but doesn’t necessarilly determine the “mode of travel” or the “ultimate destination point”. Hence, “blueprint”.

To inhabit this space, this curriculum space, allows you to:

  • be familiar with the natives;
  • opens dialogues with other
  • allows you to be a community decision maker
  • gives you the opportunity to work with other “locals”, and finally,
  • be on your (teaching) way

Where you head, who you pick up in the travels and what experiences they bring, what tools you take with you, where you end is what makes curriculum flourish, active and successful.

It is not a “set in concrete” map of teaching / learning directions.


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