New Place in Space – The Electronic Learning SPACE

UnknownElectronic Learning SPACE– Of all learning spaces, this is the “galaxy” of them all in my opinion. The open ended-ness  is infinite and only limited by our creativity and imagination. It is our own mind’s habit to place boundaries but not in the electronic learning spaces actual capabilities.

In pre studies of “learning spaces”, my “butcher paper response ” to the question “name some learning spaces” was classroom, playground, library and home environment…agghhhhh…how limited does that all sound now!!

When we visit the electronic learning space and the tools it inspires i.e. IWB’s and iPad’s, and applications such as PLN’s and I sit back in my “cockpit ‘and try to gather my understandings in close proximity to me and it seems impossible.

The notion of a learner in South America able to be apart of a learning circle of co-learners across the planet in an instant and for a long period of time is almost “sci-fi”. Holding mobile phones, linking via WEB 2.0 applications and utilising tools such as hand held tablets is enabling world to “explode” and “re-define” the ways of teaching and in turn, learning.

The impact of the Electronic Learning SPACE on education and culture has a “gravitational pull” that is irrepressible. Guiding it, directing it and managing it will enable us to find “unknown learning life forms” that we thought never existed.

SPACE is infinite, forever being explored and re-defined in its discoveries…electronic learning space, to me, is no different.

Every blink of an eyelid is opening up new possibilities for students and teachers to partake in a global classroom via cables, and links.

The amount of “dark matter“, yet to be discovered and hidden in the learning space is exciting, motivating and thrilling.


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