Taxonomy of Self Direction (Draft Edition)

Self DirectionTaxonomy is a term which originally was used to categorise plants and animals and comes from two greek words:

Taxis which means order and arrangement

nomos which means law and science

In education, it is used to “categorise” and “sort” the way people learn and teach. Each category would then have its own sub-category or description or key phrases that express / explain  the primary category of learning / teaching.

Following is my personal understanding of what it takes to categorise self direction. These attributes are not in any sequential order as they are dependent on each other for different experiences and scenarios.


of the

11 Attributes to Being Self Directed



Examples of Questions


Curious about the environment you are a part of

E.g. How does the Earth rotate around the Sun


To perceive, or be aware of something or have insight into it

E.g. What would I believe would happen in this scenario based on our prior knowledge of it?


To be dedicated to the goal of learning / teaching

E.g. How else can I do something? Where can I find that information?


To regain focus when problems occur

E.g. That didn’t work so I will try something different


To have long continuance to your learning

E.g. What else don’t I know about something?


To relate to the interaction of people and community around you

E.g. Whom can I ask? Who could help me with this?


Development because of the environment and circumstance in which the person is a part of

E.g. If this is so, what would happen because of…???


A positive and practical approach to self directive experiences

E.g. Let’s try this then and see what comes from it based on what we already know


An openness, alertness and awareness to learning / teaching

E.g. What did I like / dislike about the experience?


To establish prior learning / teaching and arrange it systematically

E.g. What would I do better


To assess an experience and give “value” to it

E.g. How would I do it better? What was effective?



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2 responses to “Taxonomy of Self Direction (Draft Edition)

  1. Love the way you have presented your taxonomy of being self-directed in table format. You have certainly inspired me to make some additions and amendments to my own taxonomy (particularly the notion of inquisitiveness and resilience). Great post.

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