SLIDESHOWS- My Digital Canvas


So, it appears there are more skills I didn’t know I didn’t have. I can now create a slideshow out of my favourite photos.

My task, to look at my learning spaces…not so easy when it is about 1m square in size for most parts of my learning. I know there are “greater” learning experiences in the environment but at the moment, this is it for me.

The key to these learning spaces was not just the environment but objects within the environment e.g. my readings, my utensils, my constant companion (my cup of coffee) and my children who remind me so often why I do this.

I have used PHOTOSNACK which was incredibly easy to use. I then chose an “elevator type piece of music and included my Twitter and this Personal Learning Network, webclasscommunity, icon image for the background (you know how it is, keep it all connected so you are identifiable).

My  slideshow is out there for all to see. If you want to hear the elevator music, make sure you click the speaker icon.

It isn’t the greatest creative masterpiece but I’m sure my next one will be…or perhaps the one after that!


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One response to “SLIDESHOWS- My Digital Canvas

  1. Thanks Rita!A great take on learning spaces and what it is that triggers your mind!

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