A Blogger Grows Up

Twitter jpagHere I am . Ten weeks old and I have learnt to “talk blogger”. I am “webclasscommunity” aka “wccom”.

Ten weeks ago I didn’t know what it meant to blog, how to create a blog page and “Twitter” was a sound a bird made. Ten weeks on and I “own” my blog site, I “feed” it regularly on nourished thoughts and learning. And I watch it grow proudly in front of my “computer based  eyes”.

“webclasscommunity” is still my “baby” and still requires much support in its developmental years. It may be showing small steps of independence and will continue to require ongoing “parental support” in its infantile years.

As a proud   “blog owner” I would hope that my 10 week old Personal Learning Network  will continue to grow into an informed, respected and educated blog site which in turn will continue to
inspire others in its ability to reach out to a wide audience and online community.Only time will tell….




3 responses to “A Blogger Grows Up

  1. Love your analogy. I think your blog ( PLN) will grow into a happy healthy adult!

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