Starting new at university after 20 plus years is not easy especially when my days at university were incredibly different to today. On-line learning…what is that?

My days at uni were all still about learning obviously but “back then” I thought a professional looking assignment was the one that I submitted after typing it out on a typewriter with built in liquid paper!

So, as I ponder what units I will choose to study next semester I spent some time looking at some of the key elements of this unit. That is, my first university study after all these years…no wonder my head hurts!

I remember my lecturer saying to us at the beginning of the unit “I don’t want to inundate you with everything in one go”. How busy could it be, I thought? I am sure, with the “wisdom of age” behind me I would be ok…hmmm…

Well, I started to mind map my unit and look how much we have explored, and probably a lot more I have missed out on here…my head can’t think past these.

It was an interesting exercise because what I thought would be a unit of physical “Learning Spaces” turns out to be so much more…so much more!EDFD459mind map



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11 responses to “MY HEAD HURTS

  1. annalithgow


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  3. annalithgow

    I’ve been studying at uni for 6 years, two different courses and two different universities. I’m bordering Gen Y, am online daily and I’ve not yet entered the teaching profession, so perhaps we are coming from two completely different starting points.

    When I read this though, I instantly related to almost everything you’ve mentioned: the initial apprehension, the misconceptions, the assumptions. What you’ve shown us, is what we’ve achieved so far this semester; and it’s incredible. Our ideas about Learning Spaces have been opened to possibilities and extended by opportunity. But more importantly, we couldn’t have come so far without the support, commitment and connections we’ve made with each other.

    This practice of making mind maps of what we have learned is something I have never done, but what an exercise it is. Thank you for reminding us of how far we’ve come, and the possibility of how far we can go!

    • fin

      Anna, thank you for your comment. It is a reminder of how far we have come and I am sure with your extensive learning that any mind map you create would be a “masterpiece”.
      As for support online, I feel it is vital in the ability to succeed in learning. I, too, have had a major impact from this unit. It is saturating my head every moment of the day but that is not just because of the assigned work but the generating of thoughts by other students…wish all online learning could be so thought provokin!

  4. annalithgow

    Reblogged this on theteachingcollective and commented:
    An exercise in reflection. Thanks to WebClassCommunity for sharing.

  5. Yes. Well. This is my third Unit and I’ve come back to study after 30 years. I have found each Unit really challenging for different reasons. In this unit it is challenging I think because I am being asked to ‘think critically’. I would say I have thought critically on various topics over the years but not perhaps in this more sustained way. Perhaps not as deeply. I’m not sure. Certainly makes my ‘head hurt’ at times. At the same time it’s so great to ‘think’ and particularly given that it is for something worthwhile.

    The mind map you have made is great. Thanks for doing that work and sharing it. It is great to see an overview like that. Also you have been so engaged all the time and have learnt and contributed so much. You are clearly a thinking student who enjoys the process even though it can be hard. I agree with comment above about the support in the online group making such a difference. It has amazed me that e-tech can bring people together in a way that still feels personable. I remember when I first started this online course I imagined I would be working alone! So thankfully not!

    • fin

      Hi Sandra, yes, it can be so personable and I guess for some, maybe not, as well. We have been very fortunate to be part of a supportive cohort…let’s hope the “future learning spaces” we inhabit at uni are just as thought provoking.

  6. Hi there! This is my third unit this year after I finally got myself organised to upgrade my qualifications.
    The other two units I enrolled in are NOTHING like this one! I certainly haven’t woken up in the middle of the night with a brainwave regarding something I have read/had to do/reflected on, as I have in this unit.
    I love my PLN – never thought I would say that!
    Your mind-map was boggling – have we really covered all of this in just a short 11 weeks? I also thought when enrolling in this unit that I would be learning about where to put tables, chairs and the set up of classrooms. How little I knew!

    Another great post from you!

  7. fin

    HI Mel, at least I don’t feel alone after reading your comment. It is amazing what we have covered but it, too, has had thought processes in me activated 24 hours a day…have loved it.

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