ImageThree months ago, I started to blog on my own blog site, webclasscommunity, something I swore I would never do cause:

  1. I didn’t have the time,
  2. I wasn’t tech savvy, and most importantly,
  3. no-one would be interested in what I had to say

Well, I can’t really comment about the third reason for not blogging  but I can confirm that I have found the time to blog since that initial introduction to blogging. In fact, not only have I found the time , I feel compelled to now as if it is my “regular life support system”. That does not mean my “blog content” is worth while for many readers but it does allow me to “tutor the world” in my thoughts, new found knowledge and personal reflections.

This whole desire to blog started in an online unit I undertook this semester at university to upgrade my teaching skills called EDFD 459. Who would have thought blogging would do this? In fact, not only did it help me with my unit it has enabled me to create a Personal Learning Network that in return has been my “human library of information and professional support” which opens all hours!

This affectionately known cohort of “EDFE459-ers” is an illuminated group of students and professionals who I admire and respect incredibly. My professional long term vision would be to be a “459-er” for a lifetime. These people, who I converse with on regular occasions have become endearing “names” in my daily studies. I say “names” because I don’t know any of them to walk past them in the street.  I can view a miniature photo of each next to their “endearing” name, in their best pose, but their online images are so small that they make passport photos look like railway wall murals! One of the repercussion of online learning where you don’t necessarily know other students!

I often imagine an EDFD459 “re-union”, or in our case just a “union” and I would envisage that their would be instant support, laughs, long held conversations and many phone number swap cards…it was just one of those amazing groups to be a part of.

Then there was our lecturer, we will just call him “Adam” for this blog to protect his real identity of Adam Staples, as he  probably wouldn’t want his name on a public blog site.

So “Adam” aka as Adam Staples was a different lecturer in every sense. How many lecturers do you know who would share stories of their pet scorpions”! The worrying part though is I now care about those scorpions as well and look forward to the updates. This was a “personal connection” that he made with the students. It attached the “human-ness” that I didn’t remember from my previous uni days. Back then it was always “they the lecturers” and “us the students”.

Adam, obviously had many technical talents as well (it wasn’t a unit on scorpions). We learnt much about several mentioned learning spaces but he created a “monster of group collaboration” that grew the more we “fed it with discussions and activities” on learning spaces. All the time teaching us new tech skills!

Each week he slowly handed over our prescribed work , while holding our hands, and  scaffolding us with thoughts and ideas till he felt we could “walk on our own”. And gradually, without knowing, he let go of our hands and “proudly” watched us take our own steps. As a group though I felt our steps came together and became leaps!

To all my fellow 459-er’s I thank you sincerely for your incredible support; your thought provoking commentary; your technical services and the emotional confirmation that was evident throughout this unit…truly priceless!

As for “Adam”, keeping my fingers crossed I will see your name come up in other units I have enrolled in in the future.

Sincere best wishes,


P.S. (is P.S-ing  acceptable in blogging)  Good luck with the scorpions!



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9 responses to “THINKING ABOUT BEING A 459-ER!

  1. Great post Rita!Am looking forward to meeting you in person in January!Nuala

  2. Thanks so much Rita. It’s been an amazing unit and working with you and all the other 459-ers has been inspiring. A special thanks for your support with the technical aspects of the unit!
    Take care,

  3. Thanks Rita, have enjoyed your input to this course, very supportive and i also have found it has opened my eyes to the future…
    Bon Chance!

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  5. Hi Rita
    I am reading your post from 2 years ago as a current 2015 “459er” and I am very pleased to say that everything you stated about the inspirational nature of the 459 community is still alive and well.
    Thank you for putting it into words so perfectly.

    • fin

      HI Kayri,
      I am so pleased to hear this but not at all surprised. You have an inspirational lecturer who transformed my life as an educator.
      Best of luck and please pass on my “hello” to “459-ers!!

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