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Twitter in the Classroom

UnknownAs an educator and parent I ask myself ” Is there room for Twitter in the classroom”? Not long ago I would have said “No way” and now I say a definite “Yes”!

I have only just been introduced several months ago to Twitter through a university unit that I was undertaking as part of my studies in Education. Previous to that I questioned my husband’s need to have a Twitter account as I thought it was some “social gathering point where everybody told everybody else  everything they were doing. Some would say this comment is true but using social media, in this case Twitter, I now know it is so much more than that. Continue reading


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Parent Learning Space and Christmas in the Classroom

UnknownChristmas is  that word that sends every emotion across the human race. For many, it is  excitement, others  stress, many the joy of the Christmas story, some a time of much sadness and loneliness, others it simply means holidays. Whatever you think of Christmas it is globally recognised and celebrated and it isn’t going anywhere. Continue reading


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Coding – The “Real” International Language

UnknownIn my life I have been blest with three children and with each child I celebrate the first words they said. The word “Mum” was the obvious choice by me but not by them as they progressed through all the other family members’ names  first.

But I wonder how long it will be before the word “coding” becomes a child’s first word. That is “Ga, Ga, Ga – CODING, Ga, Ga, Ga”.

“Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer- because it teaches you how to think” Steve Jobs

Really, take a step back and think about this… Continue reading

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