Creativity and Imagination is Just Simply Learning in an Genuine Environment

ImageFor a couple of months now, I have been reflecting on the role of creativity and imagination in education (CIE).

I have looked at definitions and understandings by the experts and by the students. And I keep coming back to the same is simply Learning in a Genuine Environment.

When we talk about creativity in education we don’t expect the master to come up in the equation. We don’t expect students to be gifted in some way particularly in some artistic way. But we do expect to see words which just seem like second language in a student’s natural world.

Are not words like risk taking, discovering, passions, motivation, flourish, innovative,engagement, collaboration, confidence , words of great capacity; words of great excitement; words of great authenticity?

These words are purely words that exist in a child’s real world. They exist in their everyday. Students may not be aware of ways to develop creative thinking or ways to format their innovative thinking, but the fact remains that creativity and imagination is not just in education but in the everyday world. Formal education is simply a means to develop and exercise this creativity. This exercise can lead to greatness in having an “original idea that has value” (Robinson, Sir Ken, 2013).

When a child picks up an insect in the garden and asks where it comes from and explores it environment are we not seeing real world creativity? When a student is driven to discover the amazing, the unknown and the known, the natural and the unnatural is this not creativity in learning in  our everyday, in our genuine environments?

To experience creativity a person needs to know creativity and when this happens, it will be obvious that so much creativity is simply using our senses to explore the world and engage our brain to respond in a non-linear manner.

It can be written in more documented form but the reality is Creativity and Imagination is Just Simply Learning in an Genuine Environment



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