Governance Capital

images-1Using the word Governance initially was a very sterile, cold and domineering term. But what is very quickly becoming obvious is that Governance is very much a colourful palette of leadership, membership and management.

What was, for me at least, a term that purely defined management, particularly lawful and economic management, is really a term of multiple capitals. This is particularly so in Catholic institutions which I have been reflecting upon lately. Clarity of “effective governance”, for me personally, has to have public information and display of spiritual capital; people capital; economic capital; intellectual capital and stewardship capital.

This myriad of “capitals” capitalises on the overall running and effectiveness of an organisation, institute or company. Governing is about bringing these capitals together in an environment which has clarity in its mission, its purpose. Governance is about leadership which is directed by ethics, respect for human dignity,  transparent behaviour, striving for the common good and open discussions.

Governance is about respecting the role that traditional intelligence of the company had in bringing it to its present state. In reflecting on the intelligence of the companies traditions to bring meaning and purpose to the future direction of leadership and membership.

Governance is about service to others especially in the beliefs held of Catholic traditions. Governance is providing opportunities for this service and celebrating the extent of stewardship.

No longer is the  word Governance cold and sterile, grey and non-human. Instead it is replaced with a “living” word which presents its meaning in the people, the leadership, the organisation, the traditions, the future and the presence of the company.



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