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Shared Moral Purpose and Shared Leadership Are a Compelling Force

imagesShared Moral Purpose is a communal sense of intention based  in shared values. Shared moral purpose is a powerful and challenging aspect of school cultures.

Shared leadership suggests that the collective staff share that purpose and speak the same language in regards to conceptualising what it is we want for our students’ learning to give them the best outcomes to shape their lives.

At this point, can I just say how encouraging it is to know that these conversations on moral purpose, authenticity and shared leadership are being had in schools. Regardless of what stage a school or individual is at in these arenas, the fact remains that we are challenging ourselves as people and professionals whose impact on the lives of others is exponential. We are challenging our expectations and our reasoning as teachers and this can only be a “good thing”. (Fullan, 2001)

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Digital Archaeologists


Whether or not we like it, technology is here and it has arrived with a large bang over the last few years. That “bang” is not getting any quieter and personally, I think it is the sweetest sound in the classroom in the 21st century.

At no other point in history has so much been at the direct fingertips of our students …and their teachers.

At no other point in history has so much of the planet’s knowledge been so accessible to our students …and their teachers.

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