Digital Archaeologists


Whether or not we like it, technology is here and it has arrived with a large bang over the last few years. That “bang” is not getting any quieter and personally, I think it is the sweetest sound in the classroom in the 21st century.

At no other point in history has so much been at the direct fingertips of our students …and their teachers.

At no other point in history has so much of the planet’s knowledge been so accessible to our students …and their teachers.

I like to think that our students have the opportunity, using all the varied levels and stages of technology, to become, what I call,  “digital archaeologists”. By definition an archaeologist is a specialist in archaeology, the scientific study of prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their arti-facts, inscriptions and monuments but that suggests that “digital archaeology”  is an element of the past.  But you see, I believe, that a digital archaeologist always lives in the past because the learning and the capability to learn, using technology, is infinitely changing that there is no present time. It is all about future and instant change.

The capabilities of searching and finding and deducting and reasoning are exponential through the use of technologies in the classrooms.

The search for information that they know of and information they are yet to discover is a tool that cannot, and should not morally, be ignored in our classrooms.

For many, the fear of replacing the traditional skills of learning by technology is simply a misunderstanding of how the two can work together.

If we want our students to “find the treasures of their learning”, then we have to be prepared to give them the best “archaeological” search tools.



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2 responses to “Digital Archaeologists

  1. Always lovely to read your posts Rita!

  2. fin

    Thanks Nuala. This PLN is always a place to come back and reflect on our teaching practice.

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