Qualified to Love


I first wrote in this my educational blog site nearly two years ago where I was introduced to reflective writing and critical reviews by a visionary lecturer who knew knowledge and understanding didn’t amount to word counts only. This blog site has been a place where I could share thoughts on learning, teaching and leadership in the educational domain. Subjects such as mission integrity; ethics; shared moral purpose and authentic leadership were thoughts that helped me to understand the importance of my role as a teacher and leader. It has been quite some time that I have been at this site but sometimes my reflective thoughts inspire me to write.

Recently, I completed a Masters in Educational Leadership. This was a degree that I worked very hard to achieve all the while trying to juggle full-time studies with raising three young children, working part time, looking after a home and caring for an elderly mother. For me, it was not only an achievement for myself but for my children to see that at any age learning is a priceless gift. And learning is to be cherished as this gift.

But sometimes, life throws situations by you and clouds your reality and makes life a fog filled highway.A highway you don’t always want to be on. Unsure whether your thoughts and reflections throughout two years of extensive university study will lift some of this fog. But strangely, for me, it has. For you see, I remember many years ago, when my first daughter was born, a parent at the school asked me ‘Do you think you will be a better teacher now you are a parent?” I remember thinking what a silly question to ask. It is only recently that I reflect deeply on my role as a teacher and parent that this question makes more sense. I may never be an inspirational classroom teacher again, who knows what is install in my life. I may never be a proud leader, who knows what life has installed. But I do know that my role as teacher to my children is constant and the most rewarding educational role I will ever hold. That is something that can never be challenged or questioned, and the last 11 years have proven to be the most valuable of my life.

A smile filled with pride; a hug at random times of the day; a question enveloped in curiosity are all parts of this educational role that are immeasurable. Am I a qualified teacher, very much with 25 years of teaching experience. Am I a Master of Educational Leadership, at least proven academically. But the one question that I can answer with assurance and confidence is that my teaching expertise in the everyday of my children’s lives is my ongoing vision, it is my daily focus, and it will be area of expertise that I value more than anything in life.  Just recently a dear friend said to me “Parenting can be boring and dull but it is a responsibility that we have been given to look after above our own needs”. You could take all my degrees and qualifications away from me but at the end of the day, my responsibility as an educator lies right at the feet of being a mother to my children first. That qualification is framed in my heart and mind, and is untouchable!

For GBF, HMF and NDCF xxxx



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7 responses to “Qualified to Love

  1. tina

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement ‘my role as teacher to my children is constant and the most rewarding educational role I will ever hold’. Well written x

  2. Brian

    Wonderful thoughts and reflections that inspire me…. Truly from the heart.

    • fin

      Thanks for your response Brian. Yes they are truly from the heart and my love for my children is s deep in my heart that noone can ever reach the same point.

  3. Well done, Rita. Your Masters degree is an immense qualification and achievement.

  4. Hello Rita
    What beautiful words, you brought tears to my eyes because they are so true. Our children are a gift and our responsibility.
    I do feel there is a cross over to the classroom as well. On Friday I was called by an old principal and given the ‘gift’ to teach a beautiful Year 4 class for the next 4 weeks. I feel they have been given to me as a gift, to nourish me as a teacher, but they are also now my responsibility. The greatest gifts I can give to them and my own 3 children is the gift of love, understanding and patience. I am going to try my darnedest to make this happen.
    So great to see your Blog, thanks to our trusty lecturer, I will now follow you because you were so inspiring last year while studying online.

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