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What Are Educators Missing?

I grew up in a time where the rows of classroom seats were perfectly aligned. The step platform elevated me to a dusty blackboard. The sun drenched classroom windows were exposed to the elements. The teacher stood out the front, usually on the elevated platform so as to get a clear view of the children in the far back row. I say far because there were usually around 36 – 40 students in the class split into rows of 3-4.


This classroom is familiar to many  teachers and for some this is still the method of teaching. Very much teacher centred. But before I throw this scenario  out the window, Continue reading


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A Future “Generating Knowledge” Space Design Brief

All Working TogetherThis is a reflection I have visited so often lately, that is, to brief a future learning space. One that will keep up with changes socially, environmentally and technically. And the more I reflect on this the more “dense” and “thickened” my ideas become. To the point that I no longer felt I had a clear vision.

What would be needed in a future learning space in the outback is on a completely different level and purpose to the city. What would be needed if the world resources continue to dive is not “predictable” in just one area as education as so much is affected by it.

Then this morning I realised that no matter how many times I scribed my thoughts on paper, on the computer, in my eyes there is no “crystal ball”, no solution, no correct answer. It was all about current research, current ideas and future perceptions. Continue reading


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An exploration of several learning spaces of the now and the 21st century, and how they transform our understanding of student learning, curriculum and teacher pedagogy.


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Open Planned Collaborative Learning Spaces

open planned

In my experiences and understanding, Open Plan Learning Spaces are a distinct term opposed to Open Planned Teaching Spaces.

The obvious difference in these terms is reflected in the saying that :

Just because you taught me doesn’t mean I learnt”. Continue reading


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Images of 21st Century Classrooms

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August 17, 2013 · 9:02 pm

How Is Research Informing Classroom Design in the 21st Century?

Road map to the future

Road sign to the 21st Century classroom

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