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Letter of Request – Parents and Education

ImageDear Principals and staff of school,

Over the last twelve months, it has become strikingly obvious to me, as an educator and parent, of the importance of communicating with parents on their child’s education.

Any great percentage of us parents will tell you that the obligatory question to our children at the end of a school day, that is,”How was your day?” is usually followed by a monotone but confident “Good” response. Of course the next question to voluntarily slip out of the parents’s mouth is “What did you do?” and like every “normal” child the response is “nothing”!

“Nothing”…nothing? How could you do nothing five days a week each and every week and still be smiling, at least in most cases. Continue reading


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Twitter in the Classroom

UnknownAs an educator and parent I ask myself ” Is there room for Twitter in the classroom”? Not long ago I would have said “No way” and now I say a definite “Yes”!

I have only just been introduced several months ago to Twitter through a university unit that I was undertaking as part of my studies in Education. Previous to that I questioned my husband’s need to have a Twitter account as I thought it was some “social gathering point where everybody told everybody else  everything they were doing. Some would say this comment is true but using social media, in this case Twitter, I now know it is so much more than that. Continue reading

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What Makes a “Good” Personal Learning Network?

ImageOnce it was the young couple’s dream to own their own piece of land somewhere…with a PLN website you can have your own piece of virtual land without the mortgage. (Rita Finlay, 2013)

So, I have been asked as part of my university studies to create a Personal Learning Network, aka, PLN. And therefore, it is a major part of my learning content and ultimately, my unit marking. So what makes a good PLN in my eyes? What am I after?What would I want people to see in my own PLN?

I have looked around at other PLN”s to see what catches my “thinking eye”. Those that belong to sportspeople, musicians, other students, corporate members, teachers and artists. And then tried to examine what makes me want to learn more from each one?

I initially thought it was the “fountain of all knowledge” concept that I was after. That is,  I would read the PLN content on  a blogs site and it would answer all my questions and I wouldn’t need to go further. But that has changed drastically. I am now finding that the PLN’s who allow me to engage in their development are the ones I am drawn to. The PLN’s that “permit me to come in” and ask a question. They are also the ones who allow themselves to be vulnerable and not always correct.

Then there are the PLN’s that show transformation in their thinking through “online conversations” and commentary. I am drawn to the PLN that can say ” I now think…” and go on to develop their thoughts in a new post. That, to me, does not show a “mistake corrected” but rather a deep unravelling of reading and thoughts. I salute this!

The element of “supportive, constructive thoughts” is vital I have realised in productive PLN’s. I realise that the person who writes a blog on a PLN is writing what they believe, in that moment in time, with their own experiences and insights. Therefore, a collaborative effort is needed by the readers to support “constructive development”. I believe there is etiquette in PLN commentary and it is not about being “nice” but by showing the author enough respect to allow for thoughtful conversation between reader and author.

The other “endearing” aspect of a “good” PLN to me is   “effort” by the author to stimulate thought. I don’t want to live in an environment , real or online, surrounded by “I agree” comments, only. I applaud the”What about this…” comment or the “What would we do if this…” comment? Don’t get me wrong, “I agree” is an affirmation of your own thoughts and it “feels good to read” this sort of comment. Ridiculing or rude comments has no place, in my opinion, in a collaborative PLN environment.

Finally, it is the aesthetics of a PLN that drives me to return. I want the PLN website to feel like “reading a newspaper in front of a warm fire on a winter’s day”. I want to feel the author’s emotions about a topic, I want to read the insights that they share and feel comfortable to be a part of their insights.

Thank you to those PLN’s that allow me to do all these things!


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A Blogger Grows Up

Twitter jpagHere I am . Ten weeks old and I have learnt to “talk blogger”. I am “webclasscommunity” aka “wccom”.

Ten weeks ago I didn’t know what it meant to blog, how to create a blog page and “Twitter” was a sound a bird made. Ten weeks on and I “own” my blog site, I “feed” it regularly on nourished thoughts and learning. And I watch it grow proudly in front of my “computer based  eyes”.

“webclasscommunity” is still my “baby” and still requires much support in its developmental years. It may be showing small steps of independence and will continue to require ongoing “parental support” in its infantile years.

As a proud   “blog owner” I would hope that my 10 week old Personal Learning Network  will continue to grow into an informed, respected and educated blog site which in turn will continue to
inspire others in its ability to reach out to a wide audience and online community.Only time will tell….



SLIDESHOWS- My Digital Canvas


So, it appears there are more skills I didn’t know I didn’t have. I can now create a slideshow out of my favourite photos.

My task, to look at my learning spaces…not so easy when it is about 1m square in size for most parts of my learning. I know there are “greater” learning experiences in the environment but at the moment, this is it for me. Continue reading

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Dawning of the Internet



Internet, by definition using Wikipedia:

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve several billion users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web (WWW), the infrastructure to support email, and peer-to-peer networks.

I am amazed that after all these years I have defined INTERNET simply by using it but when you read the Wikipedia definition, then it is obvious that the term relates to the “interconnected” “networks” ie inter-net…how could I have missed that all these years.

I remember as a teacher when the internet “hit the school” and I was teaching Year 6. My specific question to the class was”What is it you want to learn about? Name anything? One girl had just had cheese and crackers for lunch and so she said “Jatz biscuits”. I remember thinking I really hope she won’t trip my excitement up by making me look up Jatz biscuits and there not be anything there. Instead there were over 500 pages that had Jatz biscuits in them…that moment was the dawning of the internet for me! Continue reading


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